We specialise in offering IT services to local small to medium sized businesses, everything from a full network installation to backup systems and remote servicing.

Listed here are just a few of our business-orientated services, however should you require any other service or would like to discuss your business needs then feel free to contact us.

Make sure your data is safe across your network. We offer a full network backup solution giving you the confidence that your data is safe and protected. Solutions range from single PC backups to fully automated network solutions.
In today's business world, the best way to maximise business, and have an advtantage over your competition, is to have an online shop. With one of our e-commerce packages,you are able to sell up to amazing 20,000 products, and take card payments 24/7. All for a price lower than you think.
With our extremely high quality and hand-built computers perfect for business, you are able to get things done productively in the workplace. We also supply a full range of business-orientated laptops and netbooks.
If you have lots of computers or devices on your business network that need to retrieve files quickly, then a server solution may be the perfect option. With a server, you are able to share selected files on your network, securely and easily. Please call us to discuss the individual requirements of your network.

Panda Antivirus Corporate Edition protects your network activity leaving you with piece of mind that your data is safe. All controlled by a central interface for ease of maintenance. The price depends on the number of licenses, so please call us to discuss your requirements.